Insurance is not included in the tour price.
Credit cards are not accepted.
Reservation by e-mail 3 weeks in advance is requested.
Confirmation by a guide is needed.
Send an email with
á@ your name áA name of your country
áB number of participantsĀ@áC desired tour date
áD name of your hotel in Kyoto
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Guide's Cellphone Number and Email
Everyday based on customer's application when a guide is not occupied.
3 weeks in advance reservation
Date of Operation
Takashi Murakami, official licensed guide ( E - 0030 Ishikawa)
Guide's name and Language
Kyoto Sta.- Ginkakuji temple - Philosopher's path - Kinkakuji temple - Ryoanji temple - Kyoto Sta.
The itineray can be rearranged upon negotiation.

Public Transportation fare/person: Kyoto City Bus One-day Pass 500 yen.
Use train, subway or a taxi if necessary
Admission fee/person:Kinkakuji temple400 yen,Ryoanji temple 500yen,Ginkakuji temple500 yen
A guide's lunch is requested to be paid by customers.
Expenses not included in the tour price
Guide cost
2 - 3 person : 26,000 yen
4 - 5 person : 28,000 yen
6 - not more than 10 person : 30,000 yen
Guide cost includes a guide's whole transportation fares.
Tour Price
Tour starts 10:00 a.m. and ends 6:00 p.m. Meeting place is at your hotel lobby. Your hotel is requested to be situated near JR Kyoto Station.
Tour lasts 8 hours including lunch time.
Tour Time, Meeting Time, Meeting Place and Duration
This tour visits the east and the north mountain areas, where many famous temples exist. Kinkakuji temple is known as the "Golden Pavilion". The second and the third stories are gilded with gold leaf. The large pond called " The Mirror Pond" is reflecting the pavilion on the pond, which produces a picturesque view. Ryoanji temple is a Zen Buddhist temple founded in 1450. The garden is known as a rock garden, which has no plants and is composed of rocks and sand. Ginkakuji temple is a Zen temple founded in 1490. The temple has a sober color, which gives the calmness of rest and solitude. The pile of sand in the sand garden is said to represent symbolic Mount Fuji. We stroll along the Philosopher's path.
Tour Features

Kinkakuji temple,Ryoanji temple,Ginkakuji temple and Philosopher's path one-day tour

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